Glycans – The next Generation of Organic Skincare

Marine Glycans –  A DNA sized breakthrough

Marine glycans extracted from specific seaweed found only off the coast of New Zealand (one of 850 native seaweed species growing in the country’s pristine waters, and found nowhere else in the world) are showing an incredible promise to improve and create new advanced skin care products. The seaweed is eco-harvested from the wild when the plant is in the last stage of its life cycle because this best sustainable practice, and it is also when the plant is at its most potent – with anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins, sugars, minerals and water levels at their highest (as the plant rises to the surface and is exposed to more sun, it automatically produces more anti-oxidants to protect itself).

Besides being rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, seaweed is prized by the pharmacy industry because its molecular structure most closely resembles the human skin. The most intelligent organ in the human body, skin will analyze any substance which touches it and then make a decision about what to do with it.

Scientists know that skin will not permit anything alien to penetrate beyond the first layer and this has frustrated leading skincare researchers for decades. However, breakthrough’s in glycobiology mean that the skin recognizes the similarity of marine glycans at molecular level and, thinking that they are its own glycan’s, absorbs them straight away.

In fact, scientists are describing glycans as the ‘third gene language’, after the discovery of the role of DNA and Proteins in the human body.

“Understanding the nature of these glycans gives us the keys to understanding the ageing process of the skin.” – Dr Bruno A. Bernard in describing glycanbiology as the start of a new era. “Given the molecular variety of glycans, which is far greater than that of proteins, it really is a tool for the future.”

Glycobiologists like Dr Bernard know that human glycans reduce substantially with age. As a result, skin cell communication breaks down and cell maintenance slows, including the production of collagen which is, essentially, the scaffolding network that gives human skin its shape.

Natural glycans simulate the action of human glycans to not only restore intercellular communications and stimulate the production of essentials like collagen, but marine glycans also act as carriers to transport oils, minerals, vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin where cells are carrying out important rejuvenation work. Absorption is quick and efficient.

Without this nourishing, hydrating and detoxifying work carried out by the skin and botanical extracts – and facilitated by marine glycans – the skin is greatly compromised in its capacity to repair and recover.

“The significance of glycans as “the third biological language” (after the gene languages of DNA and proteins) is widely accepted, fundamental insights and discoveries pave the way for new products and innovative applications.”
– 7th Glycan Forum Berlin 2013

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